Lawsuit in Tübingen

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On 6 November 2010, young David G. wanted to go to a nightclub with a friend in Reutlingen. Both have been denied entry. David G. decided to file a legal complaint at the regional court in Tübingen. To do so, he was supported by BUG. The association took the role of “Beistand”.

The judgement concluded that it was a case of discrimination on account of the skin color of the plaintiff. The judgement stated that David G. was discriminated against and that the nightclub had to let him enter in the future as long as he respects the house rules. Click here to find the LG Tübingen judgement.

However, no compensation was granted. In December 2011 the second instance at the Higher Regional Court of Stuttgart granted a compensation of 900 € to David G. on account of discrimination.

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