Complaint in Leipzig

“This judgement has a signaling effect on other cases. Nightclubs and discotheques can simply not rely on their domiciliary right, look away and do nothing. They must ask themselves how to ensure access to their club is carried out in a non-discriminatory way.”

- Press release of the anti-discrimination office of Saxony.

A student filed a complaint against a nightclub in Leipzig after having been denied entry in October 2011. The plaintiff suspected a racist discrimination because more customers with supposedly “German” appearance could enter the nightclub before and after him. However, he did not receive any justification from the personnel. Since the nightclub did not react to his complaint for weeks, he decided to take up legal action.

The court considered that the plaintiff was refused entry on account of his ethnic origin and granted him compensation amounting to 500 €. It also forbade the nightclub to deny access to the plaintiff in future.

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