Prevention of danger for the public

BUG collected detailed information on how discrimination when entering to nightclubs can be recognized and on how people having faced such discrimination can tackle that. Click here to access the brochure and its translation in Arabic (منشوراتنا حول  ' التمييز في النوادي الليلية ' متوفر الان باللغة العربية. للمزيد من المعلومات اضغط هنا).

If someone might represent a danger to other guests, the costumers’ safety is more important than the individual right to enter a nightclub. For example, persons can represent a danger when s/he is too drunk or acts aggressively. In that case, the nightclub has the right to deny access to that person. The same shall apply to customers that are in possession of or under the effect of drugs.

Club owners have the legal possibility to refuse access to customers on account of their inappropriate outfit or excessive consumption of alcohol (domiciliary right).

This domiciliary right is at times misused to cover unlawful discrimination.

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